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Loose-leaf Edition of the Laws of Hong Kong

Important Notice

Hong Kong e-Legislation ( and the Bilingual Laws Information System ( are running in parallel during the transitional period. If you have any questions about HKeL, please email us at and we will reply as quickly as possible.

BLIS (Bilingual Laws Information System)

BLIS is an electronic database of the legislation of Hong Kong. It is established and updated by the Department of Justice.

BLIS provides

  • bilingual texts of Ordinances and subsidiary legislation in force on or after 30 June 1997 (including the current version and past versions dating back to 30 June 1997);
  • full text search functions and customized search functions;
  • viewing of legislation either on a provision-by-provision basis, or whole enactment basis.

BLIS updating

The text of the legislation in BLIS is up to date, except individual provisions that have a pencil mark [pencil mark] before their headings. Amendments that came into effect on or after 16 November 2017 have yet to be incorporated in those provisions.

Note: Please visit Hong Kong e-Legislation ( for a more updated version of consolidated Hong Kong legislation.